How To Download And Install FMWhatsApp Latest Version For Android

FMWhatsApp is among the very well-known and extensively used WhatsApp MOD worldwide. If you haven’t already, you must immediately install FMWhatsApp newest version APK. Since the app is developed by independent developers, it can’t be found on the official app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

The best advantage of having FMWhatsApp is that it comes with advanced features that can’t be found in the official WhatsApp app. Right now, FMWhatsApp is available only for Android mobile and tablet devices, and that too as an APK file. Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about FMWhatsApp and will tell you about the steps to install it on your Android device.

FMWhatsApp Latest Version APK For Android Features

Privacy Features

Using FMWhatsApp, you may easily prevent others from seeing your last seen, online, typing, recording status, and so on. This is the primary factor why many choose FMWhatsApp instead of the regular WhatsApp app.

You can now restrict individuals from calling or texting you in the newest edition of the FMWhatsApp app. You can activate this functionality if you are annoyed by being joined to irrelevant groups by someone else. This application also has a built-in app and conversations locker which you can use to put a PIN or password lock to your app/conversation.

Easy Customization

If you want to customize your WhatsApp experience and give your WhatsApp a new look, then you can consider using FMWhatsApp. This app comes with so many themes that you can apply right after installing the app.

Not only this but you can also download FMWhatsApp themes from third-party websites and apps and then apply them to your app. Along with the themes, the latest version FMWhatsApp allows you to add emoji like Android O emoji, Facebook emoji, Emoji One v3, and many more. You can also change the WhatsApp bubble and make it look different in the notification panel.

Media Features

FMWhatsApp comes with a built-in downloader function that lets you download your contact’s status and profile pictures. Also, you can send video files up to 700MB and 60 images at once using FMWhatsApp. Not only this but a group or broadcast can be created up to 500 contacts that make this app useful than the official WhatsApp app.

With FMWhatsApp, you can also send files like APK, RAR, ZIP, EXE, etc. The images sent using FMWhatsApp aren’t compressed so they will be sent in the same picture quality as you have on your device.

100% Free & Safe

FMWhatsApp is among the most popular WhatsApp MOD apps available right now and you must prefer this app over others. Not because only of the features but overall interface and support from the developers make it the best. Furthermore, FMWhatsApp is entirely free, so you won’t have to spend a dime to install or use this application.

Because the developers are working actively to resolve bugs with FMWhatsApp, you should install the most recent version of FMWhatsApp APK. Moreover, always download FMWhatsApp APK from reputable sites like us to avoid fake WhatsApp MODs or outdated versions of FMWhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp APK For Android | FMWhatsApp Download

We have told you much about the FMWhatsApp and its features. It’s time to provide you the link to download FMWhatsApp latest version APK. By using the link mentioned below, you will be able to do FMWhatsApp download as an APK file.

If you are looking for FMWhatsApp for iOS, then this is not for you because this app will work only with Android mobile and tablet devices. We have shared the latest version FMWhatsApp APK file download link on this page, so you can enjoy the latest features of this app. Just follow the installation steps to install this app on your Android devices.

Download FMWhatsApp APK

  1. First of all, download FMWhatsApp APK and save it in your device storage.
  2. Open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  3. Under Device Administration, enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Navigate back to the Downloads folder and click on the FMWhatsApp APK file.
  5. Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  6. Once it is done, open the app and register with your mobile number.

Final Words

So, this is all about FMWhatsApp’s latest version APK and we hope you have found this post useful. There are many WhatsApp MOD applications like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. available out there on the internet but FMWhatsApp is best among all.

Consider using the latest version FMWhatsApp as it comes with the latest released features and security updates. You won’t be able to update the app from the Play Store since it is not available there. You can visit this page again to download latest version FMWhatsApp APK and install it again following the steps mentioned above.

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